What are the lawn signs made of?
All Standard signs are made with 1/4 inch exterior luan plywood - painted with exterior-industrial paint then mounted to a 3/4 x 3/4 inch wood stake with stainless steel screws.

We now offer a all year long option on specific signs. The difference in this option from our standard signs is that they are made of 1/2" sign grade plywood with a metal stake. This upgrade will insure they last for years while being displayed all the time.

How are your shipping costs calculated?
We ship USPS, UPS ground insured or FedEx shipping depending on who is faster/best price. The shipping cost is based on size over weight. We have decided on a flat rate shipping cost of aprox $2.30 per item. In most cases items sold as a set will be charged as a single item for shipping, which will be at a slightly lower rate then if the items were bought separately. There will also be a $10.00 handling fee on each order placed. This handling fee is needed to insure a minimum shipping cost for small orders. Shipping larger orders is always a better deal because of the package sizes required.
We will only ship to the continental United States using our standard shipping prices. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska will need special pricing. Sorry but we will not ship to any other countries.

How long will these decorations last?
It is very hard to say exactly how long they will last because of all the different conditions to consider. Here in Louisiana the rain, heat and humidity are very extreme from day to day, yet we have been making them since 1993 and have rarely had to replace a decoration because of age. These signs are intended for seasonal holiday use and will last up to as long as 10 years depending on the weather conditions and care when put in storage. Guaranteed for 1 year.

How should I store my lawn signs?
The best way to store any of our signs would be back to back and in a stand if possible. Plastic bags can be used to protect signs from getting scratched or damaged ( not recommended in very hot attics) The most important thing is to never leave these signs face to face in storage, because the paint can bond together and damage the signs.

Do I need to use anything to seal my signs?
No. Please do not put anything over the top of these signs, since most clear coats will turn yellow in the sun. We use a 20 year exterior house paint or better. Anyone that says to seal items like these are using bad paint or cheap wood, We use neither.

Can I return my purchase?
You can return any item at your expense and receive a refund of the purchase price not including shipping. No returns on personalized items. All returns must be approved to receive a refund. Items damaged in shipping can be replaced by insurance. Defective items can be replaced through our warranty procedures.

Do I get a warranty?
Yes. We guarantee that our decorations will not fall apart or fade do to defective materials. Although we use the highest quality materials available in some rare cases the lumber company has given us bad wood. We make every effort to avoid using anything that we feel will not last, however if something gets past us we will replace any decoration that splits, falls apart or fades under normal circumstances within one year of purchase. In these rare cases we will require proof of purchase and a picture of damaged item. There could be a shipping cost of 50% of actual cost of shipping on all replacement items unless included with a future order. If replacement item is included with a new order no additional shipping will apply for that item. Any alteration to our decorations will void the warranty. All warranty decisions are at our discretion, but will be fair. We have always stood behind our products and will continue to do so.

How long before my order ships or arrives?
All orders ship in approximately 2-6 business days. These signs are hand made and some can be personalized which could delay the shipping of that item. We will ship all items as fast as possible without compromising on the quality. We will try and put priority on any items ordered close to the season they were intended for. We do however ask that you order items as early as you can, to allow for order processing and ground shipment time. Ground shipments generally take 5 days and can take up to 7 days. Processing & Shipping can take longer during the peak holiday seasons.